Here at GSM Paper Straws, we have taken the initiative to reduce the carbon footprint left on our planet through the use of plastic, by producing premium quality Canadian made paper straws.

Our Story

Single use plastics like plastic straws are one of the key reasons why sea creatures are dying in growing numbers. We aim to inform everyone about the impact small things like a plastic straws have on our environment and how damaging they can be to wildlife and to our environment.
To encourage a change away from single use plastics, we provide an eco-friendly alternative through the production of compostable Canadian made paper straws. 

Our Factory

GSM Paper Straws is a leading manufacturer of premium biodegradable straws located in Ontario, Canada. Our manufacturing unit comprises of advanced equipment run by skilled and experienced employees to produce Canadian Made premium biodegradable straws.

Every year, many aquatic animals including whales, pass away due to plastic made products being thrown in our lakes and oceans. To help reduce the damages plastic straws have done to our environment and waters, we offer an eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws, through manufacturing environmentally friendly paper straws.

We aimed to make people understand the impact of small things like a plastic straw on our environment and how they can cause damage to our environment.