Welcome to GSM a brand of Promax Wellness Inc. the maker of premium quality Canadian Paper Straw

At GSM Paper Straws, we strive to produce the highest quality FDA compliant premium paper straws made right here in Canada. Our premium paper straws deliver an eco-friendly and compostable alternative to plastic.We are here to provide you with a greener drinking experience, which is why we have innovated the best eco-friendly solution to improve your drinking experience.

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Fast Production and Quick Delivery

We have the capacity and experience to deliver products in bulk quantity. Moreover, the best part is that rapid production and quick delivery are some of the key objectives of our business.

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An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Plastic Straws

We have chosen the best material to create an alternative to plastic-made straws. We follow industry standard and all forms of testing conducted by authorized organizations to ensure safety for our customers.

We are aware of environmental damages caused by plastic products come with more than 200 years of lifespan, and that is why we have decided to produce this eco-friendly, non-toxic paper straws with nearly 60 days lifespan.

We feel glad to state that our products are safe not only for human but for animals also. We take care of both your needs and the environment.

The primary raw materials we use are FSC/SFI compliant papers

Our products

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We are here to provide you with a different drinking experience with greener, eco-friendly and natural paper straws.