How are Human Activities Damaging Earth’s Natural System?

Since the time of creation, our planet has gone through many changes. The planet we see today was not the same before, as its climate and atmosphere have always been affected by many external and internal factors. Our planet remains geologically active, and the process of destruction and creation is still on.

Solar winds, cosmic waves, matters like asteroid, meteor and the gravity of some heavenly bodies are some of the major external forces that have been affecting the climate and atmosphere of the earth for billions of years. Now the question is that as a human are we responsible for deteriorating earth’s eco-system as an internal force? The article will highlight how human activities have impacted the earth’s eco-system and how we can restore the damages done by us.

The Impact of Human Activities on Planet’s Eco-System

Scientists and geologists have been observing the changes in the earth’s atmosphere and natural system for years and describing how human activities are affecting the natural system. Several reports have shown the harsh reality of earth’s flora, fauna and water bodies.

The shrinking of wild places and wildlife number indicates that the earth’s ecological system is in danger and the situation will worsen if we do not take significant measures now. Researchers have also indicated that the number of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians are rapidly decreasing with time and many of the species are knocking the door of extinction. However, here the most disturbing fact is that human activities are the top threats that have been pushing earth’s natural system towards an unrecoverable disaster.

The Damage is already Done

Both human and mother nature is dependants on each other, and that is why we should be more responsible when it comes to the protection of the natural system. Researchers have revealed that Amazon has lost more than 20% of its total forest area in the last 50 years.

Another shocking report revealed that the earth had lost more than half of its shallow water corals over the last three decades. If we remain indifferent or blind towards the damages done by human activities across the globe, the days are not too far when we will reach the point of no return.

We Can Still Protect It

We as responsible species are committed to secure a sustainable future for every species live on this planet. Several global organizations like World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF) and Paris Agreement and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) are working with major powers and global business giants to prepare a roadmap to protect earth’s natural system.

Both public and private organizations are working together to take actions to restore the earth’s natural system and biodiversity. Such global organizations have also resolved to control all the devastating trends affecting the earth’s ecology and biodiversity.

Human activities are responsible for the slow damage of earth’s natural system in many ways. We can take many measures to protect and restore the natural system. Plastic is one of the most dangerous wastages on this planet, and we should control the use of plastic and adopt an eco-friendly alternative to protect the earth’s biodiversity from deterioration.